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Welcome to Columbia Insurance Group and Wealth Management

Providing insurance solutions in all of Washington and Oregon, as well as California, Idaho, Arizona, Michigan, Illinois, Iowa, Virginia, Nevada, Utah, and Texas.

For over 50 years, Columbia Insurance Group and Wealth Management has been the Northwest's trusted insurance source! We specialize in providing both business and personal insurance coverage that meets the needs of all our clients. Our agents look forward to continuing to provide our communities with excellent insurance and mortgage services.

We can’t prevent bad things from happening in life, but we can certainly prepare you for when they do.


"My husband and I were able to save nearly $600 per year by moving our insurance to Columbia. I appreciate that they were looking out in the best interest of my family."

— Stacy - Beaverton, OR

"Although I thought I had “good” insurance limits, and had never had a claim, Kim at Columbia Insurance convinced me to increase my coverage limits. Less than 60 days after starting my policy I was hit by an uninsured motorist and needed every penny of that additional coverage. Thank goodness I had it!"

— Doug - Vancouver, WA

"The team at Columbia Insurance Group took the time to ensure I had the best coverage at the best price. Not only did they explain the coverage that I currently had, they made sure to educate me on why I should look to increase my coverages and protect my family."

— William - Eugene, OR